(If you have requested Facebook access for your Align & Shine Challenge you will have the opportunity to purchase Drop-In Challenge days if you would still like to do a nutrition challenge. Details will be on the Facebook group!)

Below are the previous details…

Welcome to The Dailey Method Nutrition Challenge!
So… what is the plan?

1. One week prior to the Align & Shine Challenge start date of September 11th all Dailey Method members will be added to a private Facebook group with other members from their specific region. Exp: Southwest, Northeast, Midwest. These will be the only Facebook groups for the Align & Shine Challenge.

2. You have the option of also adding a clean eating program to your challenge within the same group. This program will include guides, resources, coaching and access to a Certfied Health Advisor (and much more!) throughout your challenge. Wine, coffee and chocolate still allowed!

3. There are two options:

  • You may register for a full 30-day clean-eating challenge. This will have you eating clean throughout the entirety of your Align & Shine Challenge. As we know, you can see incredible results when you combine your TDM workouts with healthy eating!
  • You may select certain days you would like to do the clean-eating portion within your Align & Shine Challenge. For instance – If it’s more convenient for you to do the nutrition challenge for only two weeks in September, you can purchase 14 days instead of 30. *Purchase your Drop-In Challenge today, and your coach will confirm your start date once you’ve been added to the Facebook Group.

Want to learn more about clean eating? CLICK HERE!

Standard 30-Day Challenge

Use code CLEANA&S for $25 off.
Select this challenge to supplement your entire Align & Shine Challenge with the TDM Nutrition component. NOTE: REGISTRATION HAS CLOSED.

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Drop-In Challenge

Only $4 a day! Start your September TDM nutrition challenge when you like and challenge for as long as you like! Same guidelines, resources and support except for daily emails. NOTE: REGISTRATION HAS CLOSED.

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