Most great successes are not achieved alone, but with the help of a loyal team. It is with true passion and with a high level of accountability that we will work with you and guide you on your path to a complete health transformation. We take your journey to better health and fitness personally! The 30 Clean™ team is committed to seeing you reach and maintain your fullest potential for the best quality of life possible. Our 30-day challenge is all-encompassing. From nutrition to fitness, from life coaching to mental health exercises, we will help you adopt new healthy ways of living to unlock the door to your optimal self!
Technology has given us a few gifts. One of those gifts is that we can now reach a greater client base all over the world with Web Based Video Coaching. We have clients in Australia, Iceland, Italy, Japan, The United States, and more! Technology helps us to connect one-on-one for the highest accountability, but also gives our clients the ability to create 30 Clean challenge groups with family and friends spread throughout the world!
Our goal at The 30 Clean™ is to spread the word of clean eating to the masses. In keeping our programs affordable, it is our desire to change the lives of every person, family and community through the awareness of their relationship with food. Our vision is a world where people treat their bodies and spirit with the upmost kindness . . . and free themselves from the consequences of unhealthy habits or lifestyles.

In the words of  Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” This is what we strive to promote through The 30 Clean™. Through preventative health care consisting of mindful eating, daily movement, positive thoughts and compassion we all can reach this vision.