The 30 Clean Founders

Heather Hemmer is a C.H.E.K Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, licensed massage therapist & fitness trainer living in San Diego, California. She works both locally as well as internationally to help reach as many people as possible to make real life changes.

Heather understands that changing your habits is not always easy, but from personal experience she came to find that with the help of trainers, life coaches and nutritionists, making a lifestyle change was possible. It is why she went from a full fledged career in the Entertainment Industry and decided to switch paths – a path that lead her to massage therapy which lead to fitness training which lead to bringing it all together as a Holistic Health Coach.

Whether it is in her office coaching an individual client or sitting around a dinner table educating an entire family, Heather believes that everyone’s path to health is unique. She carefully tailors her nutrition recommendations, workout programs & coaching techniques to meet individual needs & lifestyles. Heather feels like she has found her true calling as a Health Coach and loves the amazing changes her clients see on a day to day basis.

“I feel blessed that my clients gift me with the honor of working with them and helping them see the drive and personal strength they have inside when they really want change. But, the key is, you do have to want to change. If you do, I will hold you accountable and see you through the journey!”
Heather is also the creator of The 30 Clean™ – A community driven challenge that encourages 30 days of Real Food for Real People.

Certs and Seminars

  • C.H.E.K Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach
  • Certified TRX Instructor, Certified Bootcamp Instructor
  • Seminars & Workshops: Melissa & Dallas Hartwig – It starts With Food, Robb Wolf – The Paleo Solution, JJ Virgin – Weight Loss Resistance


Successfully began the creation of her wellness company, BWI (Body Wellness International) while living abroad in Bologna, Italy. This included transforming Italian men and women from leisurely walkers and daily pasta-vours to active bootcampers and daily juicers.



Heather emphasizes organic and optimal living for preventative health. This means eating clean and moving your body to change deep rooted health issues. She believes in Functional movement, TRX, Interval Training & Yoga for maximum fat loss, composition transformation & total body wellness.

She encourages people to be accountable by changing their thoughts to drive them towards success. Educating people in a REAL way to understand the truth about nutrition & the truth about how to exercise. Healthy eating is not about deprivation, instead it is learning to enjoy REAL food in a delicious way. Exercise is not always about working out harder, but smarter.

Body Wellness International

Hi Guys! A Bio about me? How about a life story instead…

Are you ready for a roller coaster ride? Here we go! I’m originally from Georgia, where I grew up eating endless amounts of fresh fruits and veggies right from the garden, eggs from a real chicken coup and even drank Kombucha that my mom fermented herself (yuck!). An appreciation for REAL food was instilled at a young age.

After graduating college (with a degree in Marketing & Speech Communications) and then law school, I went to work as a prosecutor at the San Diego District Attorney’s office. While I thought I was living “the life,” and enjoyed certain aspects of my job, I had a large, yet invisible lump in my throat for the two+ years I worked there…until finally taking a much needed pause from reality by trekking around beautiful Italy.

“On Lake Como I had my “Ah-ha” moment.”
I realized that I had not been living or speaking my truth. Hence the lump. I quit my job the day I returned from my trip, and decided to start a website. (Yes, imbibing a “few” wonderful glasses of Italian wine may have helped spur my openness to something new!) I was thrilled to live a life of fantastically forging the risky and exciting terrain of entrepreneurship.
Well, the Universe had different plans for me. Two very sick pregnancies and two beautiful babies later, I was living my new dream as a stay-at-home mom in the ‘burbs. Volvo and all! Again, I felt very thankful, but… something was missing.

After my second baby, I started exercising at a fitness studio where, one day, the owner announced that they would be hosting a 30-day clean eating challenge with Coach Heather Hemmer. I recall asking, “Is wine allowed? Is coffee allowed?!” The answers were both YES, and so was mine! After 30 days, I lost seven pounds of bloat, fat and everything else my body was reluctantly holding onto.


Here’s the kicker: 22 days into the challenge I got called out by Heather for drinking too much wine! (I was losing weight anyways, so what did I care? But seriously, prior to the challenge I was up to two glasses a night. Every night.) Heather gave me a new challenge: No wine for the remainder of the 30 days… and, I had to post it on Facebook. I didn’t respond right away. And then a good friend made the comment, “At least you will figure out what your triggers are.”

My triggers?! My triggers!

“I’m a stay-at-home mom with two (adorable) kids under three AND I’M BORED!”
There it was. That gnarly truth thing. So, I went the full eight days without wine, felt amazing and finished my 30 days proud of my accomplishment.

After falling in love with the clean-eating challenge, I called up Heather and asked if I could offer the challenge to my friend’s on Facebook. In two days I had 60 people signed up and ready to go. I started realizing that this clean eating thing was really resonating with people! I immediately called Heather and asked to be her business partner.


My life has come full circle. From eating the same fresh and wholesome foods I ate when I was a kid to utilizing my marketing, communications and law backgrounds. From understanding the truth behind my wine crutch to understanding the truth about my life path…

…When we say it’s time to “come clean,” we mean it in more ways than one!