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Our 30 Clean Dads Exemplify Health

I have often heard the women in our 30 Clean community say that their husbands think our program is just for women. What these men don’t know is that we have plenty of guys who are not only getting healthier on 30 Clean Challenges, but are also being asked by their […]

Solti: From Farm to Bottle

At The 30 Clean, we believe that our bodies are actually capable of daily detoxification with our support. When we assist our bodies with quality sleep, eating nutrient dense foods, hydrating frequently with pure water, and providing other types of self care; we can naturally support our immune […]

Letters: A Lost Art

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. For someone who is normally very kind and compassionate, this is one holiday that quickly turns me into an Ice Queen. When my mom passed away in November 2004, my heart basically shut down to the idea of celebrating this holiday […]

The 30 Clean… We’re just different

Why should you choose us? What is it that really sets The 30 Clean apart from other free and paid-for health programs out there?

Well, firstly, we’re AWESOME and SUPER FUN…but in all seriousness, we do offer something we believe is incredibly unique vs. the other options out there. Top […]

Welcoming the Brightness of Spring with Natural Egg Dye

The natural world is bursting forth with brightly colored blooms this time of year – yellow, orange, pink and green! As you are getting ready for Easter with your loved ones, why not celebrate this natural beauty rather than use chemical dyes for your Easter eggs. Like cultures […]

Mead: It’s Like A Summer’s Day

Have you heard of mead? Mead is the alcohol made from honey. I love honey, and I love a good adult bevy from time to time. So you can imagine that when I found mead, my eyes lit up! I am so excited to hand today’s blog over […]

Oh Honey, Honey! (Breaking Up with Refined Sugar)

Guest post by Chef Kathryn Rogers of Vivacious Dish

Three years ago I broke up with refined sugar. We had been in a toxic relationship for many years, where every time I ate sweets I would wake up the next morning feeling […]

Breakfast, Mini Meal, St. Patty’s Day? These 3 Green Recipes Have You Covered!

I was in the kitchen with Chef Rose a few weeks ago, and every recipe she made used something GREEN! Which makes them all the perfect meals for St. Patricks Day… oh, and kids will love them too!

Green Almond Butter Banana Pancakes

*We made these 3 […]

The Raw Truth (about Honey)

Contributed by Natalie White

Here in north Georgia, we have a lot of old wives tales and superstitions, most of which involve food. Today, let’s take a closer look at honey. You’ll bee sure to thank me later.

Got allergies? Got an ulcer? Got a burn? You know the drill. […]

Nutrition For Mommies-to-Be

At The 30 Clean Headquarters, it would be uncommon for a day to go by without receiving a handful of emails from potential 30 Clean clients asking whether or not our philosophy and guidelines are suitable for pregnant or nursing women. Our answer is always the same, “Yes, yes, […]