The Balanced Living Program

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Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

“I can’t find any time for myself…”
“I feel like I’m always on a diet, and still can’t lose weight.”
“I just want my life to be more simple!”
“I feel overwhelmed and distracted.”
“I’m either all in or all out, I just can’t find a balance!”

Learn how to walk the path of a balanced life with the Founder of “The 30 Clean”, Heather Hemmer!

Introducing the Balanced Living Program!

Stress is one of the main causes of inflammation. Inflammation is one of the main causes of autoimmune diseases, poor gut health, depression and anxiety, weight gain and weight loss resistance.
In today’s world we are overworked, overstimulated, and feel a lack of time for personal freedom and self-care. No wonder those thoughts are constantly ruminating in your head!
What if a less restricted diet and a more organized calendar actually brought you the freedom and balance you have been seeking?

What if you could find time? What if in just 15-minutes a day, you could bring balancecalmhappiness, and focus back into your life?

That is what you will find in 30-days with our newest program… The Balanced Living Program (BLP.)
Start Your Journey to Balanced Living!

What is the Balanced Living Program?

For 30-days Heather will help you experiment with various nutritional philosophies to create your own, personal nutrition code, free from dogmatic ways of thinking! Plus, she will guide you to create more space in your life… for YOU!
By devoting just 15-minutes to daily lifestyle practices, you will positively change your relationship with:
  • your food
  • your thoughts
  • your family, friends, community, and most importantly…
  • yourSELF
How will you do this? You will use daily awareness through:
  • Setting daily intentions
  • Meditation & breathing
  • Gratitude journaling
  • Personal growth tools
  • Eating and moving with freedom

Is this Program Right for Me?

Coach Heather is here to help you!

It’s time to invest in this program, if…

  • You are ready and willing to eat a diet that is primarily REAL food and understand the importance of food quality
  • You are willing to let go of the idea of diet dogmas
  • You are excited to find balance for your life & learn to love yourself better
  • You love having funlearning new things, meeting new people, and participating in the outcome of YOUR life!

What comes with this program?

  • A Balanced Living Guide
  • Weekly emails
  • Weekly Facebook videos
  • 30 Clean Guided meditations
  • Option to
    upgrade with the Balanced Living Recipe Collection upon checkout
    (includes both Standard and Plant Based recipes)
  • Increased
    accountability — a more flexible program means more guidance
  • Start-Up Guides for Standard and Plant Based Challengers as
    a reminder of our traditional guidelines
  • Resource Page
    with links to additional resources
  • Pinterest Board with
  • Private Facebook Group moderated by Heather