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Challenger Spotlight Q&A: Susan’s Year-Long Transformation To Better Health & Happiness!

By November 9, 2018November 10th, 2018Balanced Living, Fitness, Health, Nutrition


“I can’t describe how valuable each T30C Challenge has been to my health transformation. Just when I thought I had received all I could, another program was presented to me.”

“I have gained confidence in the practice of self acceptance; something I deeply want to share with others and help them learn in their own life.”

These are quotes from Susan White.  Susan started with The 30 Clean for her first Challenge in January 2018 and her initial desire to improve her health and lose weight evolved into consistent self-care, lasting friendships, and a renewed sense of purpose for herself and her family.   

She sat down for a chat with T30C co-founder, Heather Hemmer to explain how The 30 Clean has helped “feed my body, mind, spirit, and heart.”

Susan, great to talk to you! In the last year you have completed more than a handful of T30C Challenges from our standard 30-Day Challenge to our Fit Challenge and our 7-Day Reset! Talk to me a bit about how they have shaped your well-being over the past year, both physically and mentally.

Hi Heather! The very first success was two weeks into my first challenge in January 2018. I had been diagnosed as borderline diabetic with strict direction from my doctor to do something about it. I weighed 174 pounds on a small 5’3” frame. I happened to have blood work scheduled mid-challenge and, to my surprise, my numbers came back clear! No diabetes for me. I lost 10 pounds quickly, and then over a few more months, I lost another 20 that I am proud to say I’ve kept off!

One of the things I loved about my first challenge was the consistent encouragement from my coach, Kerby! She reminded me more than once, “no guilt, no shame.” It’s so easy for even the healthiest eaters to have some shame around our bodies and food, and that simple message earned my commitment to The 30 Clean.

The next thing it did… brought me into the kitchen! I barely cooked before T30C; I tended to be a package-to-plate kind of eater to save time. But it wasn’t serving my health well at all. Now the time I spend in the kitchen feeds me in more ways than one…cooking dinner, cleaning up, prepping breakfast and lunch for the next day is a time commitment, and it’s time well spent. I liken it to a huge self-hug and it brings me not only healthy meals but greater self-esteem.

Wow…so much learned from just a couple 30-Day Challenges! What happened next? When did you begin to incorporate exercise?

As an older Mom with an 18-year-old son, I want to be here for a long time and participate in his life. I knew I had to incorporate exercise into my life to achieve my goal of healthy living, so I signed up for a Fit Challenge, which combined movement with the elimination diet. I am 65 years old and have arthritis, which made me a little nervous that I wouldn’t be able to do many daily exercises in the program. However, I had another amazing coach who encouraged me each day by providing a variety of modifications for exercises that were too challenging!  Her guidance allowed me to fully participate with bench burpees, sit-ups, squats, super-womans, planks, and I successfully used light weights for the some of the arm exercises!

Susan and her son live in Northern California.

That must have led you to feel so accomplished!

I can’t describe how valuable each T30C Challenge has been to my health transformation. Just when I thought I had received all I could, another program was presented to me. In addition to the Fit Challenge, I successfully completed four 7-Day resets!

Much like my initial hesitation with the Fit Challenge, I had my concerns about the reset too. Fasting and detoxing were completely new concepts for me. Once again, The 30 Clean coaches came through and made me feel completely safe, comfortable and confident. I was successful! One day of fasting has turned into three, and now the 7-Day reset is something I use more frequently as a way to cleanse my body and recharge my system!

Your transformation has been remarkable… and in less than a year! While it’s obvious you’ve lost weight, what else has changed? What has been the most valuable transformation for you?

I tend to do-do-do and say ‘yes’ to everything, sacrificing my own health. I love to volunteer and give my time to others. With that I have lacked in exercise, food prep, cooking, and even sleep!

The single most valuable transformation for me has been my increased time commitment to self-care and recognizing its value for me and for everyone in my life.

So you started feeling amazing, changed your nutritional habits, had renewed energy…and you still wanted more?! LOL…You’re also a two-time graduate of our Balanced Living Program and the BLP Collective! What prompted you to sign up for the BLP?

As a single parent, working a full-time job and a part-time “vacation money” job on  weekends, I wasn’t putting any time into meditation (which I had started right after my divorce in 2007 but stopped a few years later). I had gained favorite TV shows and lost touch with reading. I learned years ago that we don’t just feed our bodies to thrive; we have spirits, hearts, and minds to feed, as well. I saw what the shift in eating could do and I had faith in the benefit of whatever additional work was involved to feed the rest of me in a healthy way.

How did it deepen your understanding of The 30 Clean philosophy? How did it bring it all full circle?

From the start, The 30 Clean clearly communicates the challenge is not a diet, rather a lifestyle change. I have known since my 20’s that diet is about losing weight in the moment, and that something greater is required to lose it and keep it off. A lifestyle change is required to maintain that type of physical health. Two huge benefits of doing the food challenges are increased stamina throughout the day, and the confidence gained from investing in self-care. The BLP expands that self-care and complements The 30 Clean challenges well. I have a plan now and I’m not afraid to use it! I stay calm. I am in the flow, present, open to what the next day will bring. Plus, I have new friends and partners in the journey.

The BLP is also a group-driven community Challenge. How did the 4-Week Live Coaching Collective differ and what was your main goal in applying for that more intimate Program?

I knew I would be challenged making yet additional time commitments to self-care above and beyond the food. The 4-week Collective helped me make and honor a commitment to exercise 6 times/week.

I get the food down, add exercise, then add a Power 15 and become overwhelmed by what else I’m not doing or what I can’t say yes to. My natural tendency is to put self-care last. I wanted the added level of accountability that comes with a weekly check-in with a few people. It’s motivating to hear what others are doing and how they are challenged, and to communicate in a more intimate setting.

Why is balanced living important to you?

My primary motivation was longevity. I had my son when I was 46, we have a small extended family, and I want to be around for as long as I can to participate in and bear witness to his life. My motives have shifted to live the best life I can in the moment, and incorporating some of the Balanced Living practices into my day-to-day. I feel more present, for him, at work, for friends, for me.

I heard Buddhist Practitioner and author, Jack Kornfield, perform a baby blessing once. He said one simple yet powerful statement, “May you remember and be who you are.” I wish that for my son, for myself, and really, for everyone. Balanced living provides me tools to thrive in this life.

Even a simple 15-minute morning ritual like meditation, gives me tremendous power in the day. It centers me, gives me courage to say no and to make decisions that feed me and my loved ones.

Susan, you continue to amaze me! And not just me. I have heard The 30 Clean coaches and people from our community speak about you as an inspiration! You always show up with a smile and with positivity. You are also a beacon of light in our free T30C FB Community group. What do you receive the most from being in that year-round group? How does it support you?

Thank you! That’s exactly what I receive: inspiration, fun, positivity. The group keeps me accountable and connected through the common goal of health. Additional benefits are support without judgment, and a ton of great new ideas.

When I’m at my best I find myself craving my time in the kitchen…all of it from prep to cooking to clean-up. I crave that giant self-hug I feel when I’m done. I’m often sharing from that wonderful yet simple feeling of gratitude for having taken care of myself.

I have gained confidence in the practice of self acceptance; something I deeply want to share with others and help them learn in their own life.

I find the community group particularly positive and informative, perhaps because there’s no commitment to it!?  It’s a great resource for motivation and ideas to dig deeper on all levels.

Thank you so much Susan! If you have any other words that you may not have gotten in…feel free to add them now! We appreciate you!

I am so grateful for you, Heather, and Molly, for starting this program, and to all who work it and participate. It’s truly been a life-saver for me; even simply as I’ll never see an insulin needle in my lifetime if I keep this up. And it’s so easy to keep it up, whether it’s to the “T” or 80/20-style. I am well fed, and completely fed, practicing and living a balanced life.

Did Susan’s story inspire you? Would you like to be supported by a professional life coach and intimate group of like-minded women who are also seeking their greatest selves?

“When you peel back the layers, and uncover your soul’s purpose,” says Heather, “suddenly the blocks that were holding you back from ultimate joy and success, disappear.” The Collective is a small group of people just like you who are searching for more meaning or clarity. With the guidance of your coach, you’ll work together on uncovering why you’re here and why you’re worthy of living the life you dream of.

To interview for the next Collective email [email protected] with the subject “Ready to find my Why!”

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  • Linda Davis says:

    I loved reading Susan Whites story, thank you for sharing. My first experience with my 30 clean changed me as well. Sadly life’s pressure got a hold of me and I fell hard back to old habits. Susan inspires me to find my way back to my healthier lifestyle. I love T30C, the great food choices, the support, the friends….. it was the BEST choice I made. I need to get back to this healthy lifestyle.

    • The 30 Clean says:

      Thank you, Linda! We have loved you in our community and we know you will find your way again because you want to feel strong, energetic, focused and vibrant! Come join us in January for the New Year Challenge and let our community know how to help support you on our group page {}! We are here for you <3