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December is in full swing! That means the holiday “cheer” is in full swing too.

However, if you haven’t fully planned for upcoming holiday parties or holiday shopping, we’ve got you covered! No need to let your holiday cheer turn into tears. With our smart tips, you can get through the last few weeks of the season with a smile and without adding a notch to your belt buckle. We have tackled all the major categories that can cause holiday stress and came up with the best ways to move through them with awareness, enjoyment and ease.


  • Get your guest space ready a few days in advance. Liven your space up with fresh flowers or poinsettias and don’t forget to hang the mistletoe! For a final homey touch, light some pine or spice scented candles an hour before your guests arrive to have your home smelling like the holidays!
  • Don’t worry about over-cleaning. We are all human and this is a busy time of year. If the house is not sparkling – your guests probably won’t notice. Use your time where it matters most! And if all else fails… just dim the lights. ;) 
  • Don’t spend money on food that you don’t eat just to please your guests. When things are not available, people work with what they have. If you have eggs, bacon & fruit – chances are they will be happy!  If they complain, give them more bacon.


  • Make your party a potluck or dole out jobs to all of your friends and family. Delegate instead of trying to do everything yourself.
  • Only make recipes that are easy & healthy. The later so there is no temptation on your part to overindulge in something that you will regret later. When we keep our diets healthy and don’t give into the sugar and processed foods, we stay more energetic and mentally alert, making it easier to deal with any stressful situations. 
  • Remember that not everyone understands a 30 Clean lifestyle. If someone makes an off handed remark, love them for who they are and just know that deep down they are impressed at your resolve! Just smile and nod.
  • If you start to feel stressed remember QUALITY over QUANTITY. People will remember how you made them feel… not how much money you spent. For example, play a fun game instead of spending lots of money on decor. Or do a $20 hilarious gift exchange instead of buying every friend & family member a holiday present.


  • Eat ahead of time! If you are hungry you are setting yourself up for poor decision making.
  • Wear an outfit that is form-flattering, making the thought of overindulging or overeating totally off limits ;) 
  • Bring a healthy and clean dish to the party! (But make sure to ask the host first.)
  • Before you decide to eat a holiday treat or less healthy food, ask yourself these questions, “Do I really like this food? How will I feel in the morning? Is it worth the calories?” If the answer is not a “Heck, yes!” then it is a “Heck, no!”, stay clear!
  • If you are drinking, bring a giant water bottle that you are dedicated to finishing. Make a white wine spritzer with soda water. Bring the fixings for our 30 Clean Holiday Cocktails (Clean Egg Nog Recipe Below!) or 30 Clean Mocktail to have in hand to stall your drinking so that you drink less. Start the dance party so it’s impossible to drink as much.
  • Instead of drinking, promise to be the designated driver in exchange for another promise- such as your friend or significant other making you amazing & compliant pancakes in the morning!


It’s easy to spend too much money on food during the holidays. Who doesn’t love a grandiose meal? But therein lies the rub: While it’s easy to shell out very serious coin on edibles, it’s also the easiest place to cut back. Make a reasonable budget, and then stick to it. Check out The 30 Clean’s APPETIZER PINTEREST BOARD


With a little bit of planning you can create thoughtful, personalized gifts that will hail you as the holiday hero for years to come. Thoughtfulness is more important than expensive… Even if it’s just crafty wrapping! (Also, consider the best gift of all – a gift of The 30 Clean Challenge!)


Be FULLY present in your experience. Whether a vacation, holiday party or family dinner, stay true by being in each moment, fully and completely.

  • Connect with others – but TRULY connect. LISTEN. ENGAGE.
  • Enjoy the food & drink – but TRULY enjoy it. SAVOR. TASTE.
  • Be in the experience – but TRULY be there. LOOK. SEE. BE PRESENT

The holiday season does NOT have to magically reverse 11 months of awesome health. It doesn’t mean we have to let stress derail what makes us FEEL FANTASTIC. It means we need to:

  • RUSH LESS and remember what MATTERS . . .
  • Putting YOU, FIRST!

Happy holidays!
In peace + gratitude,

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