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This is our clean eating challenge for self motivators who might not want or need the support of a Facebook group. With this challenge you get all of our downloadable resources, daily emails and more! Standard and Plant Based Programs available.

Not only do you get a COMPLIMENTARY MEAL PLAN (7 or 30-day), you also get the following resources:

  • Start-Up Guide with Supplements for Active, Traveling and Pre and Post-Natal Challengers
  • Complimentary Meal Plan (**Incredible Value**)
  • 7 or 30 Days of Inspiring Emails with a Health Tip of the Day and Recipe of the Day
  • 15 Min Q&A Session with a Certified Health Advisor (30-Day Challenge Only)
  • Optional Access to a Facebook Group to ask Guide-Related Questions Throughout your Challenge (Both 7 and 30-Day Challenge)
  • 3-Day Meal Starter
  • Grocery Shopping Template
  • Pinterest Boards Full of Clean Recipes
  • Trackers for Non-Food Challenges such as Daily Water Intake and Sleep

And So Much More!

Purchase today and start on any Monday of your choice. An incredible value!!!

Don't Take Our Word for It...

There’s a reason so many of our Challengers keep coming back. Just see for yourself…

If this is the first challenge for any of you, I highly recommend coming back for a second. 30 days is a start, but it takes 66 days to create a habit. The changes I had from the first challenge were drastic. The changes in the 2nd were life changing. I'm so much healthier. I have a LOT more energy to chase and play with my kids. AND I no longer have to take ANY allergy or asthma medicine. I don't have a medical explanation for not needing my Singular, Claritin or an inhaler, I just know I'm enjoying breathing easy while everyone around me is sniffling and sneezing from the crazy pollen counts. Also, I know this challenge is not supposed to be "about weight loss", but in all honestly, that's really the only reason I ever started. I had a 3rd baby and needed to drop the weight. I'm finishing with a lifestyle change, but I started because I needed a diet, and you all let me have bacon and wine with yours! I lost over 20 lb since mid January, and going. Thank you The 30 Clean! Books are great, but its a lot easier to keep old habits at bay when you have coaching and accountability. #allhailthe30clean


The 30 CLEAN may not have saved my life but it has certainly given me a better quality of life.. I have more energy, I am more alert, do not fall asleep talking face to face with someone. I had rip roaring allergies and now they are all but gone. Have not had medication in almost 4 weeks. (was taking 2 or 3 allergy pills a day with little effect. Not to mention to date I have dropped 3 jean sizes. I can get up and down off the floor and I'm exercising 2 times a day. Just do want regret it.