Many chronic diseases are driven by inflammation.

This inflammation often occurs when there are breakdowns in healthy cells and tissue that leads to toxins getting into your blood stream.

As a result, your body does what it’s supposed to do – it tries to fight them.

Inflammation – when it’s properly used to fight disease and foreign objects – is part of our body’s natural health response.

However, once it becomes chronic, the inflammation compounds the problems it intended to fight in the first place.

This occurs because chronic inflammation damages healthy cells, arterial walls, joints, brain tissue, and your digestive track (to say the least), allowing even more toxins into the body, triggering more inflammation…

It’s a vicious cycle.

Perhaps the most effective way to break the cycle is to change your diet.

Reducing – or, better yet, eliminating – processed food, refined carbs, and sugar can go along way in balancing your blood glucose levels and changing your body’s chemistry.

Over time, if your consistent with your diet, your body will purge the toxins and begin to heal.

As you replace ‘junk’ food with nutritional food, you’ll also start to feel healthier AND happier.

However, we know that getting started can be hard.

So, we encourage you to download our FREE mini-meals to get inspired. They’re 30 days of mini-meals you can try out, so you can start to see how you might feel different.

Or, if you know you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, but need a support group and concrete guidance to stay on track, then we encourage you to join one of our challenges. Especially if this is your first time, we’ve got tons of resources and support just for you! 

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