The 30 Clean Juice Fast

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This 7-Day Challenge begins Monday, February 26. It includes a “Prep-Day”, 1–3 days of juicing followed by a guided reintroduction of whole foods. This Fast takes place in a private Facebook group with the support of a 30 Clean Coach, Certified Health Advisor and an entire community cheering you on. Get ready to boost your immune system with a great gut detox! 

What’s included with your purchase?

  • The 30 Clean Juice Fast Guidelines
  • The 30 Clean Standard & Plant Based Start-Up Guides to aid you in the days leading up to your Fast
  • Recommendations for purchased juices
  • Recipes for homemade juices
  • The online support of a Clean Coach and Certified Health Advisor
  • Guided reintroduction to make the most of your Fast

Who should do a juice fast*?

  • Anyone who is combating food allergies or sensitivities
  • Individuals who have been conscious of their nutrition, but still have some belly bloat that won’t go away
  • Individuals with low immune function
  • Anyone looking for a mini reset or to ease digestive distress
  • Anyone that wants to feel good!

Who should not do a juice fast*?

  • Prenatal or nursing women
  • Diabetics
  • Individuals with hypoglycemia
  • Individuals low in weight or with eating disorders
  • A juice fast may not be for you if you need to eat with certain medications

*Always consult with your medical doctor or primary care provider before starting any 30 Clean program.