My journey from where I started to where I am now was more than just a weight loss journey. It was a journey to self-confidence, self-love and respect for my body. It took dedication, support from loved ones, and most of all a determination to make myself a priority and find happiness. Years of poor body image and feeling uncomfortable and loathing my body was a lot of damage to undo but taking control, I have finally begun to appreciate my body, the that strength I have and love myself. Through my friend and 30 Clean elite coach, Rachel, I heard about the 30 clean and I decided to give it a go with one of my girlfriends. I need accountability. Accountability is what gets me to the gym every morning, by meeting my friends there and creating a routine for myself. The 30 clean holds you accountable as well – through constant interaction with veterans to the clean, clean health coaches and advisors and the support from fellow teammates on your Facebook boards, you have access to all you need to succeed. Between both of these things I was successful during each challenge, plus I’m a little competitive so I was always pushing myself with the fitness challenges! The 30 clean was a launching pad into health and fitness goals I would have never imagined for myself. I believe the mind is a very powerful thing and by believing in myself and putting myself first, I’ve come so far in 2 years; I’ll continue to maintain this lifestyle in which I constantly reap more and more benefits from, in all aspects of my life.
~ Shannon
TDM Transformation Thursday! Meet our student, Rose, who began TDM shortly after having her second baby, Tessa. Prior to TDM, Rose remained active by taking yoga classes. However, with two kids, she was on the hunt for a mom-friendly fitness studio with childcare so she could enjoy an hour to herself a few times a week. She joined TDM in April in hopes to get back in shape. She had her reservations and was convinced she wouldn’t be able to find a workout that would challenge her & transform her body like yoga did. Four months and 40 classes later combined with healthy eating with the support of The 30 Clean, Rose is leaner, stronger, and seeing more definition than she ever has. Bonus: she says she is better able to meet the the demands of motherhood! #winning #DoitDailey #thedaileymethod #barre #happymomhappyfamily
In September of 2016 I had the worst case of gout ever. It sidelined me for almost a month. I went to see my doctor and was told that if I didn’t start losing weight and taking care of my health I was going to be in serious trouble. I was 302lbs. I was scared and from that point on I made it my mission to heal myself from within. I decided to start the Drop In Challenge. The results of eating clean showed right away and continue to enlighten me and guide me in the right direction. Today I am 248lbs and I have a goal to run the San Jose Half Marathon in October. I know if I continue to work hard and eat smart I will be sharing my finish line picture with my awesome 30 Clean group!
~ Jerry H.

My results for my fourth challenge:
I Gained new friends in a wonderful community. Thank you to all of you! I lost 5-6 pounds. That’s the least I’ve lost in a challenge, but lost at least 67 since February so T30C works for me. I can’t see a difference in the pictures, but my body is healthy. I also discovered that I like my hair shorter!! Ha!! I have gotten up to holding 4 minutes and 10 seconds in planks, but moved from real ones to adjusted, and I have taken 2:10 off my walk. 
I joined T30C in February at my doctor’s suggestion. I was looking at surgery in May (which was canceled) and she wanted my organs to be beautiful when she went in. I just went to my six month check up on Friday. Still don’t need surgery and my blood levels are perfect. One is almost to optimal. Dr is thrilled. ~ Chris R. 

After loosing 25 pounds in the last 4 months on the 30 clean someone at work asked me when I was going off my diet. It never occurred to me that I would stop eating the way you have taught me to eat. I’ve gone from a size 14 to a size 8. I’m now wearing Rachel’s hand me downs I attached 2 photos one from prior to clean and one from last week. I have a heart problem and I’m 5 times more likely to have a stroke. Already had a little one and don’t want the BIG ONE. Health is the major reason for my clean eating. Before I ate fast food everyday. Now my fast food is anything I can cook in 20 minutes. I have a lot to live for with 4 generations of beautiful girls in my life and want to make it to the age my mother is…a rocking 89. So I’m keeping it clean for life.
~ Lori 
The education about nutrition that I have received here at The 30 Clean is amazing. I am no longer grasping at straws, wondering what to eat. I am so passionate about eating clean and so thankful that I took that first step out of my comfort zone. A year ago, I never knew that I would fully transition into a Clean lifestyle, but the more you live it there is really no turning back. I’m forever grateful!  I drink less alcohol, both less frequently and less quantity. I sleep soundly!I have a new found love of cooking and in doing so have tried so many new things from Kombucha and sauerkraut, to bone broth and bone marrow, to roasting beets and making frittatas! And the byproduct of it all, I have lost 23 pounds and gone from a size 8/10 to a size 2/4! ~ Megan C.


I have done three 30 Cleans. I turned 40 last year…that plus the desire to teach my kids how to live a healthy life motivated me to find the 30 Clean. Minus 40+ pounds later…I am feeling the best I have in a long time AND my daughter is picking up clean habits! I have signed up for the Family 30 Clean and can’t wait to share the experience with the whole family. Happy to be on this journey with all of you!
~ Kim E
I started The 30 Clean because of a nagging knee injury and frequent heartburn. I was not excited and did not think I could pull off 30 Days. I was wrong. I ate like a pig! I never felt like I was on a diet. I just changed what was on my plate. Now, what I put on my plate, clean or otherwise, is a very deliberate and conscious choice. Not to mention, I’m wearing a 32-inch waist pant for the first time since college and that nagging knee pain is gone! Still eating this way, and 30 pounds lighter… I’ll take it!
~ John R. 

I started my 30 Clean journey on January 17th, and I am down 21 pounds and over 20 inches! Three pregnancies in 3 years left my body completely depleted, and after my last pregnancy ended half way through with a loss, I just didn’t want to care for my body. I felt like it had completely betrayed me. I was eating the kids’ scraps and leftover candy (that was safely hidden from the kids) and had a complete aversion to vegetables. But I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t lose the baby weight! I started exercising in September 2016 and slowly lost 10 pounds over four months and started feeling a little better. But everything changed when I decided to take a leap of faith with T30C! Aside from the obvious weight loss, my carpal tunnel syndrome disappeared and my hormonal acne (and oily skin) is gone! I’m so thankful for this life-changing program from Molly Chinnock and Heather Hemmer! ~ Lindsey P.

I cannot explain what this journey has taught me.. my husband and I are both down almost 30 pounds. Surprisingly though, that is not my favorite part. I have learned that I love good, real food. I don’t eat processed food at all anymore, and the best part is I don’t miss it! I’ve learned I can make almost anything I want to eat in a healthy way. My 7 year old daughter loves it; she has not turned her nose up at anything I have made. Having my family on board has made this so much better, and I feel amazing…..better than ever! I am now 34 years old, and until October 2013 I took Benadryl or Tylenol PM almost nightly to sleep. I also took 3 prescription allergy medications daily because I have sneezed all day, my entire life! I have stopped ALL of that, and fall asleep earlier and faster. I sleep all night, and I don’t sneeze all day. For me to say that this has been life changing, would be an understatement.
~ Anna N.
I work out 5-6 days a week. I have done Weight Watchers in the past and have seen results but have always put weight back on. I was frustrated that I worked out so hard that I did not look leaner. I heard about The 30 Clean and was hoping it would work. Wow did my expectations get met and exceeded. I have lost 7.5lbs in 30 days and 8.5 inches over my total body. I used to have daily stomach issues, now it’s down to maybe 4 times in 30 days. I am loving this new lifestyle and do not have any plans to change. Thank you for guiding me to the right way to eat. I can’t wait for the next challenge.
~ Stephanie
I know we just started this challenge but I took my before photos last night and decided to see how the transformation has been since my first challenge. Since my first, I have stuck with T30C principals (and TDM) and here are my results! AH! I feel great and love eating clean. Just thought I would share how important i think T30C is and how proud of this program I am. So pleased to help share it with others!! I may not know you all personally but you have all been instrumental in this transformation. Thank you! 
~ Brynne
“If this is the first challenge for any of you, I highly recommend coming back for a second. 30 days is a start, but it takes 66 days to create a habit. The changes I had from the first challenge were drastic. The changes in the 2nd were life changing. I’m so much healthier. I have a LOT more energy to chase and play with my kids. AND I no longer have to take ANY allergy or asthma medicine. I’m finishing with a lifestyle change, but I started because I needed a diet, and you all let me have bacon and wine with yours! I lost over 20 lb since mid January, and going. Thank you The 30 Clean! Books are great, but its a lot easier to keep old habits at bay when you have coaching and accountability. #allhailthe30clean” 
~ Larissa

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