Here at The 30 Clean, we use a “challenge” concept to help people get excited about reaching their health and wellness goals. Not surprisingly, feeling the accomplishment of completing a challenge is really effective!

Our first focus is on nutrition education (there are A LOT of misconceptions out there), but we do so in a community environment that makes learning much more fun! When you eat clean, you basically eat foods that are REAL, not processed. Plus you eliminate food that can cause intolerance or inflammation, such as the following:

And processed foods

Don’t worry, all of this is explained in our Start-Up Guide and all of the incredible resources we provide!

But wine is real, right? Yes! So you can have a glass or two on the weekends. Dark chocolate is allowed too!

Each Challenge is led by a 30 Clean Coach, a 30 Clean Certified Health Advisor and an entire team cheering you on in a small, private Facebook group! Get ready to make new friends who become like family.

You photojournal (optional) your meals so we can make sure you are on track. It’s also a great way to recipe share.

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