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Carefully designed, 30 day digital meal plans with delicious food to help you purge your body of toxins, decrease inflammation, and feel better. Vegan options available.

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WHAT IS A 30-Clean Challenge?

On our Challenges — everything goes… and by that I mean, everything dirty is out the door. You will eat delicious real food that YOU choose, while eliminating Gluten, Dairy, Grains*, Sugar of all kinds, Corn, Soy, Alcohol. Oh don’t worry – if you are not doing our SUPER Clean Challenge, you can still enjoy 3 squares of high quality dark chocolate and perhaps a glass of your favorite adult bevie on the weekend!

*Does not apply to V-Cleaners who will still consume non-gluten grains and legumes.

What benefits will you experience if you actually take this Challenge on with dedication?

✓Increased mental clarity

✓Increased (and consistent) energy

✓Better sleep

✓Clear skin

✓Reduction in conditions such as arthritis & psoriasis

✓Improved athletic performance

✓Elimination of digestive distress

✓Balanced hormones

✓Improved mood- and more!

When you stop eating junk and stop dieting and instead focus on eating MORE of the right foods, you gain health, vitality, strength, and energy!



30 Clean Startup Guide

Standard and Vegan Guides with Supplements for Active Challengers, Eating Out & Traveling, and Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mama’s.


Daily Accountability Emails

Wake up every morning to your Health Tip, Recipe* and Non-Food Challenge of the Day.


Access to Certified Health Advisors

30 days of access to our Health Advisors for all of your nutrition questions.


Community Support

Invitation to a small, private Facebook group with a 30 Clean Coach & Advanced Challengers, PLUS the ability to do the challenge with friends or family anywhere in the world.


30 Clean Dashboard

Personal 30 Clean Dashboard where you can track your stats and organize recipes and resources.


Bonus #1 – 3 Day Starter

(Optional) 3-Day Meal Plan Starter for breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas complete with recipes and a shopping list.

Bonus #2 – NFC Tracker

We believe FUN is important when changing your habits and creative a new lifestyle, which is why we give you daily Non-Food Challenges (NFCs). Use your NFC Tracker as a way to keep yourself on track!

Bonus #3 – Daily Mark-Off Calendar

Watch the Challenge fly by, as you mark off the days!

And So Much More!

Plus options to purchase Digital Meal Plans and One-on-One Coaching!

Join our 30 Clean Challenge today and gain access to a Community of amazing 30 Clean Challengers just like YOU!


*Vegan Options Available

We want you to enjoy yourself, have fun, and most importantly… see results that last well beyond the last day of your Challenge. That’s why we’ve taken most of the hard work out for you.


Registration Confirmation

After you register, you will receive an email for access to your 30 Clean Dashboard. This is where you can select friends you would like to be grouped with (or just pick a region where you live!) and where you will download your resources.

Joining the Challenge

Invites for your private Facebook Group will be emailed one week prior to the Challenge start date. You will join a private Facebook group with 30-60 other challengers. During this “Prep Week” we make sure you are 100% organized and ready to go before your start date!

The Challenge

Starting on the Sunday before your challenge start date you will receive your first daily email! We encourage all challengers to “photo-journal” their meals in their private groups so our team can make sure you are on track. It’s also great for recipe sharing!



We are so grateful for “The 30 Clean” for being a program that has truly changed our lives and set us up for success as we move forward. It has been great to work as a team toward something that will allow us longevity and love far beyond the first 30 days we set aside.
I would highly recommend this program to anyone who simply wants to FEEL GOOD and who is motivated to improve his or her health for the better. Now that I know how fantastic I am capable of feeling on a daily basis, there is no way I can go back to my old habits. Clean eating is here to stay!
I am feeling much stronger and healthier. My complexion is clearer and I lost 10 lbs. Who doesn’t want that?? Plus, the constant support from my Facebook group team and having Heather available to answer questions was amazing! I will continue to eat this way and be in every challenge I possibly can! It works!! Healthy food in equals healthy bodies…no joke!
I first started The 30 Clean on the September Challenge, not knowing what to expect. I needed help losing years of bloat and belly fat, but I didn’t know what to do. The 30 Clean changed all of that for me in just the first week of my first challenge. I found the recipes to be easy and delicious, which make it totally doable. Having a Coach & Crew kept me motivated and I loved the support from my “Beer Buddies!” Posting my meals helped to keep me compliant. All of these factors were the key to my success because I have never been able to get these weight loss results on my own. I have now completed 4 challenges in a row and have lost a total of 18 pounds. I now have my 25-year old body back and I’ll be 46 next month! Thank you to The 30 Clean!
Nancy O'Donnel
After being pretty healthy all my life, I entered in to my first 30Clean challenge skeptical that I would see a dramatic change. Not to mention, I was skeptical that I could forgo dairy and stevia in my coffee for 30 days! Nearly 2 years later and more challenges than I can count, it has truly been life changing in how I feel about both my body and mind. Decreased weight, balanced energy, and better sleep were just a FEW of the benefits! It is a fantastic community of both leaders and team members to keep you motivated and focused! My awareness of how food effects my body is forever changed. I am forever grateful for taking the plunge and changing my lifestyle forever!
Nicole Hoelke
The 30 Clean has been a life changer for my family and me. Learning how to eat real, whole, nutritious food has become a lifestyle of ours. My kids know that when mommy grocery shops I’m likely to stick to the perimeter of the store, because that is where the real food is. The most positive outcome of the 30 clean for me is the amount of energy that it gives me; especially bath time and bedtime when I’m typically exhausted and have three young kids to put to bed. Thank you 30 Clean!
K. Hanley

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How Are We Different?

We believe healthy should be fun.
We believe in compassionate coaching.
We believe in progress, not perfection.
And… we believe in community!

We know that community makes change. We want to get to know each challenger as a family member, which is why we keep our groups small.

We are reminded time and time again that it is the support of our 30 Clean Community, Coaches and Health Advisors that leads to the successful completion of our 30 Clean Challenge… as well as maintaining a 30 Clean lifestyle.

When you make the commitment to join the Challenge, you’ll be able to connect with people just like you that will help support, encourage and, most importantly, share in your success along the way.

We Look Forward to Seeing You Inside the Challenge!

Because we know our plan WORKS…

We’re giving you access to our Test It, Try it, and LOVE IT or your 100% Money Back no questions asked Guarantee.

If you’re on the fence…

Or if you’ve tried other diets, programs, cleanses, or meal guides…

Then we want you to be CONFIDENT that you’ll be making the right decision to join and take part in The 30 Clean Challenge.

We promise you that our team will do our absolute best to make sure that you’re 100% Satisfied. All we ask is that you give it your absolute best effort to get the most out of your challenge.

Should your results not live up to your expectations or you feel that we’ve promised you something that we haven’t delivered, feel free to reach out and we’ll process your refund right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I do the Challenge if I am Vegan or Vegetarian?

Of course! We have a Startup Guide, 3-Day Meal Starter and emails just for you. Plus, select the V Clean group after registration on your 30 Clean Dashboard and you will automatically be placed in a group with other Vegan/Vegetarians just like you!

Q: Can I do the Challenge if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Of course! We have a special section in our Startup Guide just for you. Plus, it is the best time in your life to be eating high quality, whole foods!

Q: Can I do the Challenge when I travel?

Of course! We have a special section in our Startup Guide for tips and tricks on how to travel AND eat good-for-you food! We make sure our program is “excuse” resistant.

Q:What if I accidentally fall off track?

You will go to 30 Clean jail of course…. Just kidding. If a piece of cake accidentally jumps into your mouth, we promise to pull you back on the wagon without making you feel awful. Progress, not perfection is our 30 Clean motto. And besides, we know once you commit to this Challenge, you will be all in!