One of the questions we get a lot is, “How are you different from Whole30?”

First, if you’ve never done a Whole30, their program is AMAZING and they are truly trailblazers in the clean eating space!

Our program is very different from Whole30 – both a great compliment to Whole30 OR a great place to start if you are new to clean eating.
  1. Flexibility – We focus on progress not perfection. You can do a 2 day challenge or a 60 day challenge. We also offer continued lifestyle support!
  2. We are laid back – We allow more food groups such as wine and dark chocolate. (I mean, wine is a food group, right?!)
  3. Small, private groups – We coach groups that are between 30-60 challengers so our members can really get to know each other like family!
  4. We have personalized guidelines – If you are pregnant, nursing, feeding kids on our Family Challenge, active or a Vegan/Vegetarian we have special guidelines just for you.
  5. We have fun – We include Non-Food Challenges (NFC’s) meant to make you think deeply about your life, meant to make you laugh and meant to create camaraderie in your small, private group of new friends!
  6. We ask you to photo-journal your meals (not required) – This is for the craziest amount of accountability. It really works! Plus, if you have a question for your Certified Health Advisor then they can review your meals to make sure you are on track!
  7. Advanced challenge opportunities – We are innovating at lightning speed! For returning challengers we have options such as our Fit, Family and Cheater’s Challenges … As well as memberships for our All Access Pass and Beyond The Challenge group!
All of the clean eating programs out there are working towards a common goal – Helping you to find what works for your body!

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