30 Day Simple Start Challenge 


Welcome To The 30 Clean "30 Day Simple Start" Challenge! 

Welcome to our 30-Day Super Clean Simple Start Program which is designed for those wanting to do our 30 Clean Challenge on their own time at their own pace. This is the perfect way to quickly re-set or get your feet wet with our amazing 30 Clean programs! 

For the next 30 days, you'll be challenged to eliminate the main food culprits that cause systemic inflammation, bloat, depression, and weight retention: gluten, grains*, dairy, sugar, alcohol, and anything artificial! 

(*Gluten-free grains allowed in moderation for our V Clean’ers.)

Choose Your Challenge... 



Do you know that nutrition is one of the keys to your health and overall well-being??

Here at The 30 Clean, we don't believe in any shortcuts, quick fixes or magic pills. We believe that when you nourish your body with nature's best, you will be at your best. This is why we created our 30 Day Simple Start Challenge to not only help you look amazing, but most importantly to feel amazing!


Ever wonder why most people fail when it comes to dieting?? 

When it comes to transforming your body, we believe that it starts from the inside out. Most people focus on their outward transformation, but neglect to focus on the inner transformation. That's where The 30 Clean is different! 

In our 30 Day Simple Start Challenge, you'll have a proven plan that's now helped over 10,000+ Challengers Come Back to Life. AND when you join the 30 Clean Simple Start Challenge, you'll receive... 

The 30 Clean™ Guidelines, including guides for pregnant and nursing mamas, athletes and those traveling and eating out.

Food List, 3-Day Starter Menu, and Meal Planning Template.

Access to our 30 Clean Pinterest Board full of recipes!

A 30-day tracker and check off calendar so you can track your progress.

Daily morning emails with a Health Tip of the Day, a Recipe and a Non-Food Challenge.

Email support for challenge-related questions

And much more all for less than $1 per day!!! 


One of the most important things to your success is community! 

Here's What People Are Saying...


"I had a very casual attitude going into my first Clean . . . but, when I woke up on day one everything changed! My mentality and attitude switched to “Its Go Time! 30 Clean Challenge? I GOT THIS!” I am feeling much stronger and healthier. My complexion is clearer and I lost 10 lbs. Plus, the constant support from my Facebook [board.] I will continue to eat this way and be in every challenge I possibly can! It works!! Healthy food in equals healthy bodies…no joke!"


"My name is Cat Kom and I’m the founder of Studio SWEAT and Studio SWEAT onDemand. A common mistake I see a lot of business owners make is that they try to be the Jack of All Trades. In doing so they will most often become just okay at many things, and not really GREAT at anything.

That said, my business is the fitness business, not nutrition counseling or programs. That doesn’t mean that I don’t know a lot about the nutrition, because I (and the rest of the Studio SWEAT training staff) do. And it’s not to say that I don’t think diet is a key part of health & fitness, because it so… is, but wanting to stick to what I am great at and not spread myself too thin I found myself needing to direct my clients to those that made nutrition the thing they do GREAT, and that was and is The 30 Clean Team. They live, sleep and breathe it.

I’d have to do the math, but I believe between my San Diego Studio and my global Studio SWEAT clientele (via Studio SWEAT onDemand) The 30 Clean Team has been the nutrition right hand to my fitness left hand in several 30 Clean Challenges for literally hundreds of my clients. These people from around the world come together as a team and learn the value of eating real food. They find themselves supported and coached by The 30 Clean Team, working right along side us as experts in other fields, being supportive, respectful, and so helpful. The experience in the Challenges they support and The 30 Clean Team in general truly changes lives. Thanks T30C Team!"


"I have nothing but great things to say about The 30 Clean! The effects of the program go way beyond weight-loss. Yes, you will feel lighter, healthier, more energetic, and less bloated, but what really sets The 30 Clean apart is the community support and camaraderie created on their Facebook boards. 

The studio truly becomes a community all working towards the same goal. Everyone is rooting for each other and everyone wants to see everyone else succeed! Additionally, as a nursing mother, there are not many “cleanses” that I can do, but since this is not about calorie restriction, it’s doable! Bonus – you walk out with a bunch of new recipe ideas!"


"As a Dailey Method studio owner, I pride myself on creating community. Our students form supportive and lasting friendships; the camaraderie is second-to-none and it keeps people committed because they feel a part of something bigger. 

In July of 2014, a group of staff and students participated in The 30 Clean for the first time. The benefits were so impactful that we have signed up for every Clean since. The 30 Clean is a beautiful compliment to the work we do inside the studio. Cleaners support one another through the tough times and celebrate successes. Much like the feeling from class- everyone is “in it together” and that support is the reason it works so well. Through The 30 Clean (And beyond), bonds grow stronger.

Personally, my body has never looked better. I am leaner than I ever have been in my life- even after the birth of my 1-year-old son. I feel energized to balance motherhood as a business owner with more vibrancy and grace.

The 30 Clean has become a way of life for me. I love the program, feel great in my skin, and appreciate the way it has enhanced our strong community.”


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