Our COACHES are super advanced challengers who know our guides inside and out and who have been trained by our team to lead this challenge. Our Coaches post a morning post to get each day of your challenge started on the right foot! They know when to tag our Health Advisors when there is a question that may go beyond our guidelines or require a little more background into your health. Our Coaches are also here to support, motivate and inspire!

Our HEALTH ADVISORS oversee several groups at one time and are here to address specific nutrition topics and to answer questions beyond our guidelines. You won’t see your HA as much as the rest of our team as they are mostly tagged when needed, but they are always here when you need them!

Our CREW (1 or 3 per group) are previous challengers who we have personally selected to join our team because they are incredibly active, supportive and like to get the party started! Our Crew are also well versed on our Guidelines. Follow their lead because they are super vets!


This is the MOST IMPORTANT resource for your challenge. Please read your Start-Up Guide cover to cover.

Start Up Guide Standard

Start Up Guide Vegan

Cheaters Challenge Addendum


While The 30 Clean is NOT about weight loss, but rather obtaining OPTIMAL health, change in body composition may occur. It’s just the silver lining of taking proper care of your body! The following links will help guide you if you would like to keep track of your progress. We would love to have you post your before pictures. If it makes you more comfortable, you can hold up a written word that is your Mantra word for the next 4 weeks.

Measurement Video

Measurements Guide


Whether you are doing the Standard Clean or the V Clean, we want to make sure you feel prepared for the first 3 days. Remember, The 30 Clean is not here to force you to eat a specific meal plan, but rather give you guidance on how to choose the foods that will lead you to your most optimal health. Our pHresh & Clean Chef, Grace Fisher, has created your 3-Day Starter as a tool. Any of these meal ideas may be substituted with your favorite 30 Clean meals! And this plan is NOT mandatory, just available for as a resource for you.
3 Day Starter Menu – Standard

3 Day Starter Menu – V Clean


Pregnant? Breastfeeding? Exercise?
Please refer to our Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Supplement or our Athletes and Active Challengers Supplement at the end of your Start-Up Guide. These supplemental guides will help you to understand what a Mini Meal is and why they are going to be very important for you to add into your day.


While we hope that the majority of your meals are cooked at home so you can have
control over what is in your food, where your food is coming from and how fresh your
food is, we know that we can’t keep you in house arrest during your challenge. To help make dinning out easier, be sure to read our Restaurants & Travel Section at the end of your Start-Up Guide.


If you did not purchase a 30-Day Meal Plan, we have a super handy Menu Planner & Shopping Template to help make you to plan your own meals and create your own recipes. This will help to make preparation easier!

Menu & Shopping Template


Watch the weeks fly by as you cross off each completed and successful day on
our Mark-Off  Calendar.



For anyone wishing to create healthy lunches for kids, you may download our Mix and Match infographic to help you learn how to create the best 30 Clean balanced lunch for the kiddos!


You can find a plethora of recipes to create your own weekly meal plan, as well as stay on track post Challenge on our Pinterest page!


We have partnered with “Plan to Eat,” an online service which will make your recipe collecting and shopping lists even easier. Join now and receive a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL. You will be automatically linked to our 30 Clean recipe database and you can easily add recipes from our daily emails and recipes you discover from other challengers! Discover Plan to Eat!


Whether you are doing the stand alone challenge or have added our Fit Pack, we have made it easy for you to track your non-food challenges as well as your sleep and water intake. The 30 Clean is about all 6 pillars of wellness: Nutrition, hydration, sleep, movement, breathing & positive thinking. Download our trackers to watch your progress during your challenge!

30 Day NFC Tracker

30 Day Fit Challenge Tracker


You may want to know what we eat, or what brands we recommend, or even see advice from us on how we do our 4Ps on Sunday! Don’t worry, our version is for those of you who may be busy… or as Molly admits too.. just plain lazy! We have you covered!

Prep & Prepare with Heather & Molly (blog + video!)

Recommended Brands from T30C

More of what T30C team eats: We Would Eat This

Homemade Nut Milk – How to video

Ghee vs. Butter + How to make it VIDEO!


You may see these infographics throughout the Challenge posted by your Health Advisor or Coach, but we think they are so helpful, we want you to have one place to keep track of them! Be sure to bookmark THIS page and THIS page

*Disclaimer – The 30 Clean™ is not intended to substitute for the advice, treatment and/or diagnosis of a qualified licensed professional. Trained health coaches may not make any medical diagnosis, claims and/or substitute for your personal physician’s care. Your 30 Clean Health Advisors do not provide a second opinion or in any way attempt to alter the treatment plans or therapeutic goals/recommendations of your personal physician. It is their role to partner with you and to provide with ongoing support and accountability as you create an action plan to meet and maintain your OPTIMAL health. All information presented is copyrighted. This material may not be copied, published, transmitted, distributed, reproduced, sold or modified by you (including, without limitation, posting anything included herein on websites, blogs, photo sharing sites, social network sites, etc.) without express written permission from The 30 Clean, Inc.