The 30 Clean™ is a 30-day clean eating challenge where participants eliminate the main food culprits causing systematic inflammation, skin problems, depression, bloat, and weight retention. For 30 days participants focus on eating only the REAL, WHOLE foods our bodies were meant to digest. At the end of the 30 days, we teach our challengers how to reintroduce those foods back into their diets slowly and methodically so they can bio-hack their own bodies to look for intolerances or allergies. Participants are placed in small, private Facebook groups for personal accountability for the 30 days. Each group is supported by a 30 Clean Coach and Health Advisor. The 30 Clean is available for all dietary philosophies. You can expect to set and achieve goals, develop a new relationship with food, have fun and gain more confidence in yourself… All with the help of a like-minded community!


  • Start-Up Guide with Supplements for Active Challengers, Eating Out & Traveling, and Pregnant & Breastfeeding Mama’s
  • Access to Pinterest Boards Full of Clean Recipes
  • Dashboard where you can Track your Stats and organize Recipes & Resources
  • Ability to Select Groups with Other Facebook Friends doing the Challenge
  • Shopping Guides
  • Meal Planning Resources
  • Mark-Off Calendar

And More!
Oh, and we have A LOT of fun.

Compare all of this to $125/hr for a nutritionist!

It’s a simple 3 step process!

Step 1: Choose Your Challenge

The Next 30 Clean™ National Challenge




The 30 Clean™ Studio, Organization & Private Group Challenge

Welcome Studios & Organizations AND their members!

Are you registering with a studio for our February Clean Eating Challenge? PLEASE CONTACT YOUR STUDIO OWNER OR REGISTER WITH THE LINK BELOW.

Are you a studio who would like to offer our 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge?

Fitness + Nutrition + The 30 Clean = RESULTS+COMMUNITY+FUN

Contact us at info@the30clean.com and register your studio today!


September Challenge – Sept. 12th
October Challenge – 24th

Step 2: Choose Your Level


The 30 Clean is 30 days of real food and mindful eating. On our standard challenge all challengers eliminate Gluten, Dairy*, Grains*, Sugar, Corn & Soy* choosing between the Original, Super, or V-Clean options.

*modified allowance on the V Clean



For challengers that want to go the extra mile… or just need a reason to do lots of burpees.

The Fit Challenge* is a double dose of accountability. Eat clean and train mean!! Or… at least get moving! This program is for any person wanting both a nutritional AND physical challenge. This is our Standard 30 day challenge with additional physical challenges, workout accountability, and goal setting. This challenge is for all fitness levels.

*Fit sign ups are on the second page of our standard registration.

Eat Clean
Train Mean!

Step 3: Choose Your Clean

The Original Clean™

A great choice for those of you who have never dabbled in any kind of elimination diet and are new to the idea of clean eating. Under this option, you will eliminate the following for 30 days: gluten, wheat, grains, dairy, sugar, and anything artificial. However, you may have two adult beverages a week (ONLY on the weekends) and real 80% dark chocolate (ONLY one square, three nights a week).
For challengers who believe coffee and wine should be a food group

The Super Clean™

For those of you who are ready to go ALL THE WAY! In addition to eliminating gluten, wheat, grains, dairy, sugar, and anything artificial, you will also eliminate alcohol and legumes (including peanuts) NO EXCEPTIONS.
For challengers with SUPER powers

The V Clean™

For our Vegan/Vegetarians! While you will be eliminating gluten, wheat, sugar, and anything artificial, we do allow our V Clean’ers limited organic dairy, gluten free grains, and non-gmo soy. You can find more details on foods allowed for this option when you register and receive your Start-Up Guide.
For challengers who like to watch the grass grow and eat it too.


We are so grateful for “The 30 Clean” for being a program that has truly changed our lives and set us up for success as we move forward. It has been great to work as a team toward something that will allow us longevity and love far beyond the first 30 days we set aside.
I would highly recommend this program to anyone who simply wants to FEEL GOOD and who is motivated to improve his or her health for the better. Now that I know how fantastic I am capable of feeling on a daily basis, there is no way I can go back to my old habits. Clean eating is here to stay!
I am feeling much stronger and healthier. My complexion is clearer and I lost 10 lbs. Who doesn’t want that?? Plus, the constant support from my Facebook group team and having Heather available to answer questions was amazing! I will continue to eat this way and be in every challenge I possibly can! It works!! Healthy food in equals healthy bodies…no joke!